El movimiento de los derechos civiles fue una lucha social con la finalidad de que los afroamericanos en Estados Unidos fueran tomados en cuenta y tuvieran los mismos derechos que las personas con una tez blanca. La exclusión de grupos raciales en lugares públicos era una segregación racial “normal y frecuente” en el sur de los Estado Unidos.

Este tema me llama mucho la atención puesto que los movimientos fueron muy importantes en la historia de la humanidad. …

Hegemonía se refiere a ser guía o llevar adelante, este concepto se ha utilizado en las relaciones internacionales para nombrar a los países que mantiene preeminencia sobre los más fuertes. Estados Unidos ha mostrado preponderancia de poder, voluntad para utilizarlo y liderazgo, es por esto que este tema me llama la atención puesto que los Estados Unidos ha tenido una posición hegemónica debido a situaciones como no haber sido escenario directo de la guerra, no haber sufrido de una recesión económica en la posguerra, asimismo por haber tenido un fuerte crecimiento de población. …

El proceso de globalización integra los ámbitos económicos en vista de que ha generado cambios en el comercio y el mercado laboral, político puesto que los sistemas democráticos se han implantado ampliamente en nuestra vida diaria, social ahora que los derechos humanos son indispensables para el desarrollo integral de la sociedad, educacional, tecnológico y cultural; transformando de esta manera la forma en que interactúan las personas generando un mundo con una mayor capacidad de interconección.

Liberalism is fundamentally recognized for being the pillar of the foundation of the UN, OAS and the European Union, however the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that these organizations represent nothing but irrelevance in times of global crisis. Analysts like Kurt M. Campbell and Rush Doshi have stated that none of these associations has been able to coordinate efforts to find a solution or to bring aid to the nations that are having the hardest time facing the crisis.

Since March 14th, President Ashraf Ghani, recommended the citizens to keep away from large gatherings. Four days after this announcement, the Ministry of Interior Affairs banned all gatherings, specifically entertainment places, fitness clubs, sports grounds, swimming pools and wedding halls.

On March 24th, in Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province, strict measures were set restricting the movement of all citizens. The next day the Afghan Government did the same with the residents of Farah, Herat and Nimruz provinces, in addition they extended the lockdown to Kabul, Kandahar, and Logar provinces. …

Afghanistan is a mountainous country located in South and Central Asia, it is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China. It has a population of almost 38 million people, and 99.7% of this population identifies itself as Muslim, that being the case it is stated that almost all Afghanistan is Islamic.

World Order, written by Henry Kissinger, aims to provide a window into today’s struggling framework of international order. Nowadays every single country in the world is divided, this is one of the most important reasons why an efficient and forward-looking government is needed to overcome obstacles that are unprecedented in magnitude and global reach such as the coronavirus.

“When the coronavirus pandemic ends, it will be perceived that the institutions of many countries have failed”, wrote Henry Kissinger in his column published April 3 in The Wall Street Journal.

The political and economic chaos the coronavirus has provoke cannot be…

Coronavirus is without a doubt an economic, health and sociological crisis for the world.

According to Yuval Noah Harari (March 15, 2020) the coronavirus will create a slowdown in Chinese demand for goods driven by an economic slowdown, that will of course impact countries like Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. This is one of the many reason why the International Monetary Fund, warns that the growth of the world economy, estimated at 3.3% for this year, could be cut between 0.1% and 0.2% due to coronavirus.

Social injustice presents itself whenever unfair practices are being carried out in our society. Most of the time injustices are immoral practices that are completely against the law. This occurs in certain circumstances where the equals are treated unequally and the unequal is treated equally. Social injustices take place whenever a dominant part of a population acknowledges the inequity that guides the rest of the community, obviously due to their respective position in the structure of beholding power over society.

Social injustice can be found in education, employment, voting, health care services, transportation, public accommodations, and government benefits. …

Jaqueline Castillo Mosqueira

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