Henry Kissinger and today’s world order

Jaqueline Castillo Mosqueira
2 min readApr 25, 2020


World Order, written by Henry Kissinger, aims to provide a window into today’s struggling framework of international order. Nowadays every single country in the world is divided, this is one of the most important reasons why an efficient and forward-looking government is needed to overcome obstacles that are unprecedented in magnitude and global reach such as the coronavirus.

“When the coronavirus pandemic ends, it will be perceived that the institutions of many countries have failed”, wrote Henry Kissinger in his column published April 3 in The Wall Street Journal.

The political and economic chaos the coronavirus has provoke cannot be overcome by only a national effort, instead it should be a world wide collaboration.

The world should make a great effort in three different domains in order to persevere this difficult time.

First, develop new technologies for infection control and vaccination programs on a large population scale.

Second, repair the damage done by the public health measures, such as social distancing and the closing of schools and businesses that contribute to the world’s economic crisis.

Third, shield the principles of the liberal order. World trade and the movement of people across the globe it what’s keeping everyone moving forward, if the world does not uphold the fundamental ideas of enlightenment, prosperity is not something that would be achieved.

Global leaders must manage the crisis while building a greater future this represents a tough challenge, but if global stability is achieved at the end of the day, then everything every person and country has suffer will be worthwhile.

Geopolitics and Technological Changes: The Future Today Jaqueline Castillo Mosqueira