Sense of Place

Jaqueline Castillo Mosqueira
2 min readMar 24, 2020

Our sense of place definitely arises from our human faculty, since it depends on the next 5 different aspects:

  • Neurological because it stores memories
  • Ontological since it relates and develops notions
  • Personal because it represents a special meaning
  • Social in view of the fact that it shares experiences
  • Public or political since it constitutes national identity and feeling of belonging.

Thanks to the experiences of individuals, spaces, which are identified as locations, become humanized, filling themselves with content and meanings, thus becoming special places for the individual.

Our home is without a doubt a place for each one of us. Which brings us to the impacts that the actions of the doctors of Madrid’s Clinical Hospital have had on sharing in social networks the challenge #QuedateEnCasa. This with the purpose of acknowledging people of the fundamental health recommendations aiming this way to prevent the expansion of the pandemic and the total collapse of hospitals.

Thanks to diverse social networks, a large part of society has taken measures to stop the infection by pausing their daily activities, keeping their distance and, if possible, staying home.

The ‘Jornada Nacional de Sana Distancia’ declared that Mexico will be undergoing a quarantine from March 23 to April 19, therefore as a responsible citizen I have protected myself at home and have recommended my friends and people around me to avoid crowded places and just keep social distance.

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